Cosa vedere a Malta in 48 ore

Malta for Kids: 10 Reasons to Visit Malta with the family

Malta is a perfect destination for a family holiday. Let’s discover together 10 reasons to visit Malta with kids.

Una giornata giocando sulla neve

Enjoy the Snow with Kids (Without Skis)

Most people associate mountains + snow = skying. There are plenty of other activities to enjoy the snow with kids without skiing. Discover our experience in the snow with out little explorer during Christmas holidays.

My 2017 in Travel Pills

2017 is coming to an end and what a year it has been. It was also a year full of travels. And it was an year full of challenges and changes! Let’s leaf through Ingirovagandomum travel memories album.

Opt outside with kids during winter time

Being outdoors with kids during spring or summer is much easier, but don’t give up doing it in winter time! Here you can find some tips to enjoy outdoors with kids in winter time. Opt outside with kids is a way of life, even in winter!

Backstage Ingirovagandomum

It’s strange how ideas cross our mind: while I was having a shower I was wandering if I should somehow introduce myself in a new blog post and suddenly the word Backstage came to my mind. And it sounded just perfect! Who is behind the scenes of this blog and pictures?

Blogging che passione

My Travel Bucket List

This is my Travel Bucket List, as of today. In these 35 years I understood that every film-book-photo which remains stuck in my mind, is just an excuse to add a line to this list and change a destination into a desire.