Malta for Kids: 10 Reasons to Visit Malta with the family

Cosa vedere a Malta in 48 ore

Malta is a perfect family destination: an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with lot of activities and attractions for everybody. I have recently been for a long weekend in Malta in January and can’t wait to return with my little explorer to discover with him this beautiful island. If you have never thought to visit Malta, check below 10 reasons to choose Malta as your next holiday destination with the kids.

  1. Easy to reach: Malta is just few hours flight from most European countries with direct connections with Ryan-Air, Air Malta and other airlines. From some Italian airports the flights are scheduled on a daily basis, which means it’s very easy and cheap to arrive in Malta.

    3 Cities
    I loved discovering 3 Cities walking in their streets and enjoying the vertical views.
  2. Weather: when you arrive in Malta in winter months, you already feel spring is in the air. In the middle of January there were 16 degrees during the day and in the sun it was even warmer, so can you imagine how could be the weather like in March or April??? If you are brave, you may even swim in the beautiful turquoise sea (bringing a thermal swim suit with you). Rainy days are rare, but you can find clouds and wind, so don’t forget a wind stopper jacket!
  3. Language: everybody speaks English and lot of other languages are widely spread because people from over 50 nationalities are currently living in Malta. If you hear strange sounds that’s Maltese: a mix of Arabic, Italian and English. Forget communication problems at home.

    Gozo coastline
    Breathtaking landscapes in Gozo. Image from pixabay.
  4. 3-in-1: if you spend some time in Malta (more than a weekend) don’t miss to visit Gozo and Comino, the other 2 smaller islands located in the North of the Maltese coast. You can take a cruise, bring your car with the ferry, hop on hop off in Gozo with the sightseeing bus… There are plenty of possibilities to explore these beautiful pearls on a day trip: in this way you are visiting 3 islands in 1 holiday.
  5. Fun for kids: Malta offers a wide range of attractions for the whole family, on their official tourist website there is a section you can check with all updated activities and attractions (click here). I will just give you some tips of the attractions not to miss: Sweethaven Popeye Village was the set of the Robin Williams’ film now converted into a fun park, the view is already a good reason to visit this park. If your kids love theme park and construction toys, then head to Playmobil Funpark: indoor and outdoor activities with Playmobil toys. Esplora is the science museum you have always dreamt of: planetarium, science shows, exhibitions, outdoor experiences…

    Malta with kids
    Mdina was the ancient capital of Malta and is a must see. Try to arrive in this city early in the morning to enjoy the silence without too many tourists.
  6. Water attractions: Malta is an island, so water is the most important natural element and a lot of attractions are dedicated to the discovery and experience of water. The brand new National Aquarium is perfect to discover underwater life: divided into 5 zones, you will see tropical fishes, reptiles and all marine animals in the Maltese coastline. If you would like to try a unique experience, then don’t miss the Mediterraneo Marine Park: you can swim with the dolphins, interact with sea lions, touch iguanas and parrots with the guidance of professional animal carers. Obviously a water park can’t be missed: from May 19th the Splash and Fun Park will be there for the joy of the whole family.
  7. During a family holiday food is always an important topic. In Malta you don’t have to worry about food or cooking: there are plenty of restaurants, bars, street food kiosks and shops where you can find something for every taste. Maltese cuisine is a great mix (as everything on this island): you can find Sicilian desserts made of ricotta and dried figs, fish, rabbit, but also pasta, hamburger, pizza… Depending on where you are eating, prices may increase, but generally speaking you can eat out for cheap without too many problems.

    Malta with kids Food
    Delicious Maltese Pastry in Rabat
  8. Breathtaking Landscapes: Malta offers amazing views of the coastline from the cliffs; there are different paths and trails you can decide to hike leading you to explore windmills, watch towers, bays and fishing villages. You can also take long walks at the seaside: for example you can walk from St Julian to Sliema and stop to play at playgrounds, watch the fishermen and the boats or play directly on the rocks.
  9. Easy to visit: Malta is not big, in approximately two hour drive you can go from the top to the bottom of the island. If you don’t like the idea to rent a car, you can easily visit Malta using public buses: it’s cheap and you can go almost everywhere, but it takes time, because buses are doing a lot of stops and are often so crowded you can’t get inside during events or central hours of the day. Check also the ferry schedule and don’t miss to take the boat from Cospicua to Valletta: the view of the waterfront from the harbor is unbeatable.

    Valletta Opening Week
    Dance show during the Opening Night of Valletta European Capital of Culture
  10. Culture and Heritage: Malta is not only sea & nightlife, but also an island full of incredible cultural treasures. In Rabat you can visit ancient underground catacombs; Mdina is the ancient fortress capital known also as the Silent City; in the 3 Cities and Valletta you can discover forts, museums and archeological sites. This year Valletta has been nominated European Capital of Culture and will host several cultural events. The Opening Night with different shows in every square was just an appetizer.

Have you already packed your luggage direction Malta? You will enjoy it and your #Explorerkids will never forget a holiday on this beautiful island .


  1. I really want to visit Malta before my kids get too old so we can go to the Playmobile Park. All the other attractions will be great to see at any age but that one has an age limit! Duh an amazing island. #ExplorerKids

    "Mi piace"


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