My 2017 in Travel Pills

2017 is coming to an end and what a year it has been. It was a year full of travels. Not as many as I have dreamed of, but we as a family and I as a person traveled much more than the previous years. And it was an year full of challenges and changes!

My little explorer turned 3 last summer and he has learnt so many things in the last 12 months! It’s awesome when you stop and think about it.

Just to quote the 3 hugest changes:

  1. He has learnt to use his balance bike and can’t live without.
  2. He can tell full sentences with 4 to 6 words (they are words and not just bubbling sounds).
  3. We survived the potty training.

So thumbs up for the whole family. Let’s leaf through Ingirovagandomum travel memories album for 2017.

Hospital de Sant Pau, a city in the city of Barcelona.

Last January Dario and myself caught a flight to Barcelona for a 3 days break. We absolutely loved the city: it’s full of attractions for everybody, from Gaudi’s masterpieces to the seaside, from the old streets in Barrio Gotico to the tapas tours. If you love Carlos Ruiz Zafon books, you can still find the atmosphere of the old Barcelona in Barrio Gotico. I would for sure recommend Barcelona for a family trip.

In May we spent a weekend in the Piedmont vineyards area called Langhe: countryside and ancient villages, tasty food and a familiar atmosphere were the ingredients of our stay. If you are visiting Torino and would love a day off the big city, Langhe can be the perfect solution to explore and taste a slow Italy.

In the summer we spent a lot of time at the lakes and rivers: we enjoyed fiume Trebbia, known as the Italian Caribbean for the colors of the water, and we were often at Lago Santa Croce in Veneto.

Playing on Ljubljana’s bridge: a perfect family destination.

Our little explorer crossed the Italian borders for the first time to visit Slovenia: Ljubljana is a tiny jewel in the heart of Europe and it’s perfect for a family escape. You can have a beer and watch the city life from one of the pubs and restaurants near the river or take the lift up to the castle and walk down through the Old Town.  Don’t forget a tour in the Central Market and a walk in Park Tivoli with its huge playground. Here you can read the full post about our trip to Ljubljana.

As often happens in life, we decided to change our plans and shorten our vacation in Slovenia. This decision led to something totally unexpected: I contacted some old friends in Leipzig and quickly booked a flight to visit them.

Last August was an amazing month: I had 3 weeks off and packed 3 destinations in between. First I spent a weekend in a hut in Aosta valley with two lifetime friends: we were very lucky with the weather and enjoyed a 360 view from Mount Rosa to Gran Paradiso from the top of Palon di Resy. I won’t forget easily such a deep blue sky and the fun we had together hiking in the mountains.

Sulla vetta del Palon di Resy
Wonderful Mountain View.

Then I moved to Vittorio Veneto, where my boyfriend’s family lives, and chilled out with my kid: we spent our days between playgrounds, the mountains in Cansiglio and the lakes in Santa Croce and Lago Morto. Nature and relax was a great mix to prepare myself for my last (and most desired) trip: I took the second flight of the year to Leipzig, Germany, where I spent one year volunteering in a NGO after my grad. The feeling was really to be back home turning back time. As a mum, I saw things under a different light even if I continue thinking that Leipzig is the city where utopia and dreams can still come true. This full immersion helped me to declutter my life and readjust priorities.

Kids playing in a fountain
As a mum, I am always curious to see how kids play free in other countries, such as in this fountain in Leipzig.

A great part in this change was played by the launch of this blog Ingirovagandomum to share my passions for travels, outdoors and photos with other families and travelers. The blog is still a newborn but I am very happy for what I have achieved so far (a great thanks to the #explorerkids community) and looking forward to make it a cozy place to visit and to find inspiration.

Il viale di Veano
Walking in the hills near Piacenza to see the fall colors.

Autumn was our top hiking season: we looked for easy trails and walks in the hills and woods to be outside with our little hurricane as much as possible. Kids have fun everywhere where they can play and explore: just step out of the door and the adventure can begin. Here our favorite hikes in Italy out of the main tourist trails.


Last but not least I spent a Sunday in Milan with my personal chaperon discovering hidden beauties such as a Chapel completely covered with frescos and a secret garden with pink flamingos. Milan is much more than business and fashion and it’s a privilege to walk around looking up at old buildings mixed with skyscraper and feeling the bohemian atmosphere of Brera and Navigli.

Duomo Tropicale
Tropical Milano: View of the Cathedral through the Starbucks palms.

Our plans for November and December had to be postponed but I am already looking forward to what await us in 2018. I won’t anticipate anything for the moment, but the year should start at full speed. Stay tuned!



  1. Sono felice di leggere che sei passata per Lubljiana! In Italia vivevo vicinissima al confine, nel Friuli Venezia Giulia e la Slovenia è letteralmente un sogno. Verde, azzurra e a portata di bimbi e persone sportive, nonché amanti della natura! P.S. Il tuo bimbo è stupendo 😍

    "Mi piace"

  2. Ci hai incuriosito tanto mostrando la faccia verde di Milano, e ci hai fatto scavare nei ricordi mostrando la Slovenia.
    Bellissimi viaggi!

    "Mi piace"

  3. Happy New Year! Aww… Thank you so much for mentioning us #ExplorerKids family. We love having you here. It’s so amazing to watch what they can learn at 3 yo isn’t it. It’s wonderful that you kept travelling even though you have become a mum. Not many does that. We love reading your travel post with your little explorer. I’m excited what you have install for 2018! 🙂 Thank you very much for linking up with us on #ExplorerKids xx

    "Mi piace"


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