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It’s strange how ideas cross our mind: while I was having a shower I was wandering if I should somehow introduce myself in a new blog post and suddenly the word Backstage came to my mind. And it sounded just perfect! Who is behind the scenes of this blog and pictures?

Little Laura Napoleon

Let’s start from the beginning. Born 35 years ago in a cold winter dawn just after New Year’s Day, I have always had clear ideas and made everybody aware of this: you see the little Napoleon with a stubborn gaze? That’s me at the age of 3. My boyfriend says I keep acting as a sort of dictator even now, but he is overacting.

My parents love the mountains but are not so keen on road trips so we spent our summer holidays almost in the same place in Alto Adige for a decade. I am pretty sure that’s why I don’t like the idea to have a second home and prefer to explore new destinations (apart from some places I bumped in love with).

When I was 10 I convinced my aunt and uncle to bring me with them to Paris to visit some relatives: I still remember waking up on our night train and looking at the misty countryside outside the window. That was my first Travel and it was love at first sight: since then I have never stopped travelling.

Travel slowly, be happy! Leipzig Park

My parents were great in supporting me in all situations, encouraging me to follow my dreams: I remember their greeting when I left on a Land Rover heading to an alpine hut for the summer season, I was 17 and for them I was still a little girl. Or when they drove me to the airport the next summer to take part to an International Camp in Norway organized by Lions Rotary Club. That was a great experience because we were 12 people from all over the world exploring Bergen surroundings, the fjords and the Hardangervidda National Park.

I firstly moved to Turin , one of the most beautiful city in Italy, where I studied Tourism and Foreign Languages and moved to Germany after graduation. I volunteered in an NGO for one year within the European Voluntary Service Program in a small town in Sachsen called Wurzen and it was just one of the best thing in my life. Leipzig, Dresden and my German friends will always have a special place in my heart: this summer I managed to visit them and it was like turning back time.

Me and Sophie during our EVS. In the background Dresden Old Town.

Sometime travelling can also be disappointing and that’s exactly what happened to me in Brazil: the cultural shock after Germany was just too much. I went there with great expectations about responsible tourism and was taken as an ATM. But I have to admit I took some great pictures during the six weeks we spent there in the rural region of Piaui, Salvador de Bahia and Fortaleza.

Pelourinho District with its colorful houses. Salvador de Bahia

The world has its own ways and I ended up working for a Canadian auction company, located half an hour from Piacenza, and my life flipped. I met there my actual boyfriend, who is not a travel addict, and three years ago my little explorer arrived to change definitely my life. We both love being outdoors and try to walk up in the hills in the weekends with our tiny hiker (here you have some tips to go hiking with kids).

Our first family travel experiences were not always lucky but I try to see the glass half full: they taught us something, e.g. a whole week at the seaside is not for us. This summer we spent a fab weekend in Ljubljana and I would 100% recommend it for a family trip.

Our Outdoor Family

Passions can fall asleep but remain the same: it was time for me to catch up with them. Last August I opened a new blog Ingirovagandomum (it sounds like Roamingmum) to share our everyday adventures, our travels (with and without kids) and my passions. I also bought a second-hand reflex and started posting on Instagram. In these months I have had the opportunity to meet “virtually” other inspiring families, who are exploring the world or their backyard with their kids.

I have always thought to a blog in my mother tongue, but Sue gave me the opportunity to take part into #ExplorerKids Linky and I have risen the challenge to write in English too.  If you find mistakes or you know a slang which could better fit, I would be more than happy to read it in the comments.

To keep to the Backstage topic, I love going to rock concerts and I am planning to write about my travel soundtrack soon.

If you like the pictures in this post, check out my Instagram account to see more.


  1. I long to do more travel, I have traveled most of my own country Australia, it is a big country and each state varies so much, I live in Victoria, but I adore Tasmania the National Parks are breathtaking. Also the lushness of tropical Queensland is beautiful, and in contrast the bareness and yet raw beauty of Alice Springs is just as beautiful. I have also been to New Zealand, Vanuatu and Thailand, but still long to visit Europe and would love to see Canada. I love the title of this post! I also had to pop over and look at your Instagram, and of course follow your feed now. #ExplorerKIds

    "Mi piace"

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! I really love being part of this friendly community and appreciate all the comments and feedback. I love challenges and writing in English on a weekly basis it’s a big one, but it’s really rewarding 🙂

      "Mi piace"

  2. This is so wonderful. I feel like we are actually getting to know more and more about you in person where your personality shines through. It is fascinating to read about how your passion for travel started and evolved into your dream career. I never been to either Germany or Brazil before, but I can understand why you were taken as an ATM. That’s a bit disappointing but hay – that’s also where you meet your other half so it can’t be all that bad. 😉 Thank you so much for sharing your backstage post on #ExplorerKids . It was a pleasure reading the post. Your English is more than perfect – even better than mind. Do keep this up as you are such an inspiration to the travel world. 🙂 xx

    "Mi piace"


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