My Travel Bucket List

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I love lists: it’s a way to take down notes, to lay memories on a piece of paper, to crosscheck what you have achieved and the way to go. The web is so huge and packed with information about everything that getting lost is easy for everyone. That’s why I have started writing down on a Moleskine places I would love to visit, hotels I would love to sleep or must-see museums and must-do kids activities. When I was a kid there weren’t so many options and even if I am grown up without all these kids friendly activities, I like the idea to explore the world near and far with my little hurricane and to let him experience as much as possible.

We are not really sea addict, but we love to spend at least one day in Brussa, a natural oasis on the Adria see just few kms away from Venice.

This is my Travel Bucket List, as of today. In these 35 years I understood that every film-book-photo which remains stuck in my mind, is just an excuse to add a line to this list and change a destination into a desire. Are you ready to start a daydream travel from your sofa? Here we go!

    1. Sleep on a treehouse
    2. Hike along the Compostela Trail
    3. Swim in Budapest thermal baths
    4. Walk on a Baltic Sea beach
    5. Play lego in Legoland
    6. Hike in the desert
    7. Visit the “Color” exhibition at Muba, Milan
    8. Visit the MaxiOh at Muse, Trento
    9. Go on a dogsled
    10. Explore Azores
    11. Go south in wintertime
    12. Go trekking in Madeira
    13. Visit the US National Parks
    14. Drive along the coast between NYC and Boston
    15. See an iceberg
    16. Travel on a train in British Columbia
    17. Do a safari in Africa
    18. Eat falafel and hummus in Israel
    19. Fly with a hot air balloon over Cappadocia
    20. Have a beer in a pub in an Irish village
    21. Reach the top of a 4000m mountain
    22. Have a cruise
    23. Visit the Christmas market in a new city in Germany
    24. Explore the Basque Country
    25. Take part in an adventure group trip
    26. Visit Australia
    27. Eat tapas in Andalusia
    28. Organize an on-the-road trip
    29. Walk in Turin with my little explorer
    30. Do a boat trip in the Venetian lagoon
    31. Get lost in Trieste city center
    32. Travel on the Swiss panoramic trains
    33. Visit Montenegro before it becomes a tourist hot spot
    34. Have fun in a huge entertainment park
    35. Hike on a volcano
    36. Swim in the ocean
    37. Do whales- and dolphins-watching
    38. Go back to NYC
    39. Eat fish couscous and almond paste in Sicily
    40. Take a short break with my friends once a year (here you have the post of our last adventure together in the Alps)
    41. Visit at least one new country with my little explorer every year (Slovenia was our 2017 country)
    42. Change my mind on Southeast Asia
    43. See the end of the world in Patagonia
    44. Drink a mint tea in Marrakesh
    45. Follow Corto Maltese’s roots in Malta
    46. See the aurora borealis
    47. Do a bike tour along the Danube
    48. Explore Eastern Canada

The #Explorerkids families are very active so I would love to hear from you: If you have ever been to any of these destinations or tried one of the activities, please drop a comment. Or let me know a special place in your travel bucket list, I will most probably add it immediately to mine too 🙂

A road to happiness. I love the freedom feeling to drive on an empty road. This photo was taken in Pian del Cansiglio, Italy.


  1. This is a fab list,love it! I’ve been on a cruise round the Caribbean whilst I was pregnant which was amazing and would love to take my little man on someday as it’s a great way to pack in lots of destinations all in one holiday 🙂 Mandy xxx #ExplorerKids

    "Mi piace"

  2. So many brilliant ideas! We just did a LEGO Land, I would be thrilled to eat falafel in Israel someday! I think I should really make a list like this! You have sparked my travel bug! ❤ Thank you! #ExplorerKids

    "Mi piace"

  3. Wow! There are so many things I want to do on this list. I think reaching the top of a 4000m mountain would be too optimistic for me! I can’t even do 3! lol! I’d love to go Do whales- and dolphins-watching one day though. 🙂 x

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful list with us on #ExplorerKids

    "Mi piace"

  4. Hi! It’s quite a list I have to say. I’ve been living in Asia for a while now, and I have to say that East Asia is what changes you, completely. China is the most difficult one, for their language and culture barriers: they all look like walls and impolite people at the beginning, but, trust me, it’s not like that. I hated China for the first 9 months, I now love it with all my heart. Chinese are the most welcoming and warm hearted people I’ve ever met in my nomadic life. I suggest you take some time to go to East asia, depending on your willings and what you need to do to work on your mindset.

    All the best!

    "Mi piace"


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